Premium Escape Room Games
in Washington DC and Fairfax area.

Our escape games are unlike any other escape room in the DC area. Rather than general game theming, the rooms are built around the storyline. Games create breadcrumbs for players to tumble into the plot and complete the missions by following the logic and narrative. Instead of locks, the room features props and technology that fit like puzzle pieces within the game.
No padlocks
Instead of padlocks (directional, numerical, or otherwise), we implement technology into the props to set the scene perfectly. You will find large scale tactile puzzles and physical element, and will manipulate the hand crafted items while solving it.
Private and non-private games
Book a private game just for your group without buying out all available tickets or join another team.
Story-based games
Do you like movies without a script? Escape Room games are like movies and are the best when you immerse into the story and unfold the mystery with unexpected reveals.
Objective based games with intuitive connections that make sense.
Non-linear game flow
Non-linear approach ensures involvement of every player. You will not have trouble finding ways to contribute to your team's effort.
Multi-step puzzles
Each riddle designed to be solved in several steps. Discover well planned reveals and satisfying solutions. More complex meta puzzles require keep track of investigation lines and attention to details.
Multiple rooms
All games have 2 rooms to go through. Typically players spend 45 min in the first room and after completing all tasks in there, they earn access to the second room where they accomplish the final stage for the remaining time.
Spacious rooms
The space is also large enough to comfortably hold the maximum number of players. It will not cause any claustrophobic anxiety feelings. We also do Not lock players in the room.
Family friendly
Bring your child along or find your inner child with these indoor fun activities!

Why Cyber raccoons escape room?

The new age of escape rooms is here - Cyber age. The high-tech era which capabilities allow to create games with no padlocks. Our room escapes combine well-executed tech, story-line narrativity, realism, physical interactions, and cool challanges in pursuit to create experiences that tickle player's curiosity and touch them in a deep and exciting way. We stick to traditional industry concept but also use a variety of special effects to create intriguing and exciting moments during the gameplay.
Go smart. Go cyber. Go book now

Not sure which game to choose? Scroll down to learn more about each breakout game.

Each game lasts 1 hour and can be played in teams of 2 to 10 members. You have an option to book an entire room for your team private game or join another group.
Party Room reservations are welcome!
Cyber Raccoon escape room dc provides fun group activities and real-life adventures for enthusiasts and beginners alike. Gather your team and try our games with unique challenges, epic moments, detailed and immersive sets that let participants become a part of the story in a themed authentic environment that feels right.

Adventure #1 "Train Robbery"

  • 2-8 players
  • $28 per person

Adventure #2 "Space Glider"

  • 2-8 players
  • $27 per person

Special occasion? Party Room

  • bar&catering
  • up to 50 gueests
  • photo session

Recieve an exclusive use of our private Party lounge room or the entire facility for your special event. Enrich your memorable experience followed by a 1-2 hours gathering in party room or delight your guests with offsite food catering

Our venue is perfect for hosting the following events

Corporate team building

Birthday Parties

Baby Showers


Family reunion


School gathering



Book a Private Game or join another group.

Come play to our escape room 7 days a week at Falls Church location. Each team also gets a photo shoot after the game in cool theatrical setup or in front of a triumph wall as a free souvenir.

Watch Videos of escaped Teams

Interior of our escape games

All of our games feature large gamespace that is comfortable for bigger groups. The interior scenery is loaded with sets, props and charming decor elements from floor to ceiling which are true to each theme. We go all out to maintain high production level and quality of the props that feel right. Our rooms do Not look like a basic office-like escape room from a few years back.

Technology behind the sets

The experience we gained during the past four years in the escape room production field allows us to fully utilize resources and accumulated knowledge in the games.

You will not find any padlocks in our games! Instead, we create custom props with electronics implemented into them. Props are designed specifically for each theme and they are connected to the interactions and belong to the world of the escape game. Hidden devices allow us to avoid predictable game flow and densely pack adventures with secrets from start to finish.

We also use special visual and sound effects to enhance the experience and create appropriate atmosphere which gives the vibe and brightens the playthrough.

Although, we are good with high-tech, most of the puzzles are tangible. Players love physical interactions and so we do. Screens mainly used for visual effects and to deliver some information, whenever its appropriate. The technology is hidden on the backend of the game and this is what brings the room to life.


Our games have non-linear flow so if you come in a bigger group, be ready not to become a part of every puzzle. Unless you agree with your teammates in advance to go over all puzzles together.

We prefer scenario based games over general theme so follow the plot and reveal the storyline narrative while you work your way out!

Our venue favours attention to details in both scenarios and design settings which you needed to keep track of. Players will enjoy the variety of puzzles which will keep everyone continually engaged.

The escape rooms require some exploration and observing but do not rely heavily on team searching. Instead count on communication, making connections and deep thinking. Puzzles will include a bit of intuitive correlations, some entertaining physical actions which create fun moments, and solid layered multi-step puzzles which call for brainstorming and teamwork. The stories come together in the end and conclude the narrative. We also admire dramatic turns and twists which tend to thrill and surprise.

Escape Room difficulty level

According to our statistics and surveys, the difficulty level is based on the player's experience. It will fit any experience level but follow the guidelines below.If your team consists of mostly novice players (played from 0 to 5 games), it would be an Advanced difficulty level escape game for you. Thus, we allow larger groups of up to 8-10 players at a time. We also do not impose any limits on clues! Ask for a hint as many times as you need (unless you target the leaderboard. Top teams must solve without help). In general, it’s a newbie-friendly game and the following tips provided by escape room gurus would help you in getting into the concept smooth. (Our blog) . It’s great for the whole family, team building activity or friend’s night out!

If your team is experienced (played over 10 games), it would be a Moderate/normal level of difficulty. Therefore, we do not recommend coming in larger groups because you can complete the game faster than it’s designed to be.

We feature challenging, yet fair escape games. They do have some complex, layered puzzles but they are well-clued and smooth as long as you follow the plot. Plus they’re especially satisfying to solve! Working for the win is accompanied by “aha” moments and accomplishment feelings.