Our escape games are unlike any other escape room in the DC area. Rather than general game theming, the rooms are built around the storyline. Games create breadcrumbs for players to tumble into the plot and complete the missions by following the logic and narrative. Instead of locks, the room features props and technology that fit like puzzle pieces within the game.


Please book on the website and check the availability calendar by clicking on the “Book Now” button. We do not accept walkins at this time.


The rates are based on the number of players. The more players are in your team, the cheaper it is per person. All games are now only Private.

$31 per person


10AM 12PM 2PM 4PM 6PM 8PM 10PM

No padlocks
Instead of padlocks (directional, numerical, or otherwise), we implement technology into the props to set the scene perfectly. You will find large scale tactile puzzles and physical element, and will manipulate the hand crafted items while solving it.
All games are now Private
Book a private game just for your group without buying out all available tickets.
Story-based games
Do you like movies without a script? Escape Room games are like movies and are the best when you immerse into the story and unfold the mystery with unexpected reveals.
Objective based games with intuitive connections that make sense.
Non-linear game flow
Non-linear approach ensures involvement of every player. You will not have trouble finding ways to contribute to your team's effort.
Multi-step puzzles
Each riddle designed to be solved in several steps. Discover well planned reveals and satisfying solutions. More complex meta puzzles require keep track of investigation lines and attention to details.
Multiple rooms
All games have 2 rooms to go through. Typically, players spend 45 min in the first room and after completing all tasks in there, they earn access to the second room where they accomplish the final stage for the remaining time.
Spacious rooms
The space is also large enough to comfortably hold the maximum number of players. It will not cause any claustrophobic anxiety feelings. We also do Not lock players in the room.
Family friendly
Bring your child along or find your inner child with these indoor fun activities!

Why Cyber raccoon escape room?

The new age of escape rooms is here - Cyber age. The high-tech era which capabilities allow creating games with no padlocks. We combined traditional escape room industry concepts, when players engage with physical objects, with a variety of special effects to create intriguing and exciting moments during the gameplay. You will find well-executed tech, scenario, realism, physical interactions, and cool challenges in pursuit to create experiences that tickle player's curiosity and touch them in a deep and exciting way.

Are you ready for a ton of fun? Happy escaping!

How to book

We are open 7 days a week by reservation. All games are now private regardless of the number of players.

Gaming sessions require reservation within the operating schedule starting from 10AM and ending at 10PM. Purchase tickets by clicking the “Book Now” button. Then pick one of the available time slots to reserve a spot for your team.

Each game lasts 1 hour. The Train Robbery Game can be played in teams of 2 to 10 players on Weekdays and 4 to 10 players on Weekends & Holidays.

Explore award-winning games and have your group photo taken after the game in our cool theatrical setup or in front of a triumph wall as a free souvenir.

Not sure which game to choose? Scroll down to learn more about each breakout game.

Adventure #1 "Train Robbery"

  • Weekdays
    2-10 players
    Weekends & Holidays
    4-10 players
  • Price based on number of players

Train Robbery game is a real life immersion into another world and time, experiential journey to the true American West, where a spirit of freedom, legendary figures and exciting entertainment remove all your cares away.

Players put through a series of elaborate puzzles and reveal the mystery of the storyline while making their way out to escape.

Witness amazing western-style scenes and charming sets which bring to life the epic story of the US Old West Frontier era where you become the detective, offering a one hour of excitement for the whole group. Players become participants in one of the most famous investigations in history and will admire this game for its atmosphere, originality and intriguing twists.

You don’t need any special knowledge, puzzles and challenges in this escape room can be logically derived from elements within a room. Every player will bring a unique set of skills, abilities, and experiences in each situation. This is an amusement where your team will have fun, enjoy spending time with each other while making progress in the investigation.

Adventure #2 "Space Guard"

  • 2-10 players
  • $31-50 per person

Special Occasion? Rent a Party Room

  • bar & catering
  • up to 40 guests
  • photo session

Along with exciting activities and craving entertainment you can now receive an exclusive use of our private Party lounge room or the entire facility for your special event.

Enrich your memorable experience followed by a 1-2 hours gathering in a party room or delight your guests with off-site food catering. Make lifelong memories whether you host an escape room birthday party, team building event or another special occasion.

During the gaming experience, players are actively engaged in the activity and feel being a part of the event (no one will be left behind!). Each individual would have something to contribute, and it always takes a team effort to succeed. Celebrating the victory of your crew with party mix and mingle time is an excellent way to show appreciation to your guests.

We Hosted Many Private Events

Corporate Team Building

Networking Event

Birthday Parties

Baby Showers


Family Reunion

Bachelor / bachelorette

School Gathering



Things to Do in Falls Church VA After the Game

Come visit one of the most joyful activities in DC area, three immersive escape rooms and celebrate your success by enjoying some food and beverage at the nearby restaurants in The Little city of Falls Church. Discover many affordable shops, family owned restaurants or famous franchise diners, popular bars, breweries and coffee shops on Broad Street which is located one mile north of lee hwy, and just minutes from our venue.

Plan your perfect family, date and just plain fun night out with friends or colleagues. Visit our blog for more information on local attractions in nearby areas of Falls Church, Fairfax , Mosaic district, Arlington, Tysons Corner, Mclean, Vienna and Washington DC.

Who Would Enjoy Escape Room Games?

Escape Rooms offer ultimate adventures combining live entertainment and excitement for guests of all ages. These fun activities are for someone who is looking for not an average night out in DC area, but rather something new and special. It’s a hands-on group attraction where you become a part of the story and have to come up with creative solutions while working through a number of challenges.

Escape room games provide a great opportunity for open-minded people to self-improve, practice mental agility and emotional intelligence in a positive amusing way. If you like continuous learning and self-developing, these games are for you! We are family-friendly and you can bring your child with you but the games are not created for kids due to the difficulty level (learn more on FAQs page). Play escape room games as a family to enjoy your time together while teaching your kids how to overcome challenges, work together to achieve common goals and effectively communicate. Come with friends or coworkers to build relationships, have quality time while building personalities, skills and abilities.

Why are Escape Rooms Fun?

By gaining the sympathy of the general public, bit by bit this groundbreaking new attraction became mainstream throughout the world and became an integral part of the local Washington DC metro area entertainment industry. It turned out that not only people were hungry for interactive experiences but also for challenging puzzles and brain teasers to test the worthy adventurers.

Escape rooms combine action, learning opportunities, and fun times together with friends all rolled into one. They allow you to give your gray matter a workout, practice emotion and stress management and develop skills that we can apply to your personal and professional lives. Playing games and solving puzzles require mental effort which is associated with mental health and can be extremely satisfying! These real life adventures are a great way to get away from the daily routine, providing our wits and bodies a special treat prior returning to the reality of everyday life.

These experiences are different from the rest of your locals activities so come try something new, test your deduction skills and challenge your limits. A mind that overcomes challenges is a mind that grows and so expands both the range and depth of your thinking abilities.

  • We loved this escape room! The props were awesome and immediately immersed you in the game setting. A lot of clue searching and problem solving fun, no padlocks to open like other escape rooms. We had so much fun and can't wait until Cyber Raccoon add new rooms. A+ Patti R. (Google)
  • Train Robbery game is my favorite game now! It has many puzzles for all players to solve, cool effects with the best story elements. We had to push our wits to come up with clever solutions in order to solve a riddle. Escape rooms are awesome in general and this one is a precious gem among them all! It was fun! Thank you! Tahmina A. (Google)
  • Great room! Very unique and fun compared to some other, slightly higher ranked rooms. Jody D. (Google)
  • Great experience! I didn't have any experience with escape rooms prior to these guys, and I was very nervous about not being to complete it or getting stuck, but I was amazed at how well designed the puzzles and challenges actually are! It doesn't matter if you're experienced at escape rooms or not, as long as you can think critically and logically, you won't have any trouble, only fun! Also a great team and an exciting story to start off the escape experience! I hope everyone who reads this review gets an urge to go experience it for themselves! Nicholas M. (Silver Spring)
  • Best escape room in DC area. Train Robbery was really well done, very immersive. Pete F. (Google)
  • I came with my other 4 friends and we had a great time. The game is quite challenging but fair. It did not mislead, nor it had any red herrings. You would really need to follow the story and act like a real detective by making connections and working together. It had cool story and nice sets. We will be back! Boban S. (Google)
  • A great escape room experience. Would definitely come back! Jennifer H. (Google)
  • Our first time doing an escape room. We had such a blast! Great place to have fun for an hour or two. The staff gave us a good introduction which helped to start, we will definitely come back! Eugene V. (Arlington, VA)
  • We came in a couple weeks ago and had a blast! This escape room is very nice and you can tell that the owners care very much about the facility and visitors. After things go back to normal, we will come back and party hard I already bought 2 gift vouchers just to support and can’t wait to visit with my friends! Aiganysh T.(Google)
  • We've done a fair number of escape rooms -- and this is right up there as one of the most fun. Puzzles were fair / reasonable -- not tricked up. Great entertainment in the attention to detail and design of the room. They really invested in the production aspect - When they add additional rooms, I'll definitely go back ! Christian P. (Google)
  • Great experience! Our Game master was very knowledgeable and kind with guidance on this room. Really cool western gold rush and train robbery theme. Looking forward to the next one! Matt R. (Google)
  • The room was beautiful and we had such a fun time! Kudos to those who designed it and thanks so much to Kat for welcoming us and guiding us through! Benjamin B. (Google)