Escape Room Coronavirus response Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, our venue has implemented preventive recommendations from CDC and local Health Department which will impact our daily operations. 

To reduce the risk of virus appearing in our venue we initiated a new cleaning and disinfection protocol to ensure well-being of our guests.⁣

Oh, ok

Well, while we are still learning about this virus, this is definitely good news. According to CDC's latest update, COVID-19 spreads mainly through close contact from person-to-person. The virus does Not spread easily in other ways.  


Social Distancing Inside an Escape Room Venue


All bookings are now private. Only one group will be allowed in the venue at any one time. We only host one team at a time to avoid crowdedness. 

We operate with 50% capacity. Number of available time slots was reduced twice. There is a 1 hour break between each session which is dedicated to perform cleaning and disinfection after each reservation. 


New Enforced Cleaning Protocol Includes: 


Increased cleaning measures



  • We temporarily removed some decor elements, props and furniture which have fabric or similar soft materials because unlike hard surfaces, they are hard to sanitize.


  • Sanitize all surfaces touched by players, such as lobby, bathrooms, coffee station, gaming rooms, with a priority to soap dispenser, faucets, handles, tables, counter-tops, keyboards, sinks, chairs, stools, booths and etc.


Precaution measures for visitors 


  • According to latest update from Virginia Officials, our facility is considered as a place where people congregate and thus face masks are mandatory for any visitors inside the establishment. Please wear mask when you come. Use CDC Use of Cloth Face Coverings guidance for details.


  • Players must wash hands before and after the game. According to CDC, Soap and water are more effective than hand sanitizers.  We also provide hand sanitizer and disposable paper tissues. We encourage you to wear face mask, if it's possible.
  • To avoid direct contact, guests and staff members must keep distance, no hi-fives or hand-shaking.


  • Guests are encouraged to come 10 min before the game and fill up waiver forms online in advance to avoid touching kiosk waiver stations on-site.


We perform ventilation after the cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection which could cause minor delays in starting time but those measures are necessary for us to continue to provide fun games while keeping you safe. ⁣


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