List of all Escape Rooms near Washington DC metro area (DMV)

You may look surprised to find a list of all DC area escape rooms in here.  


“Aren’t you guys competing?” one may ask.


Here’s the thing:


We are huge escape room enthusiasts and concept fans! Introducing DC metro area residents, visitors and tourists to this cool new niche of a local amusement industry, after all, is one of our long-term goals. We want more people to know about escape games and play more.  


But the nature of this enterprise does not allow any of us to have repeat customers. 


In fact, once you play a game, you can not come back and play the same game again, so they have zero replayability. After completing all games at one location, hooked up players leave the facility in pursuit of new adventures.


It hurts me to write this but next time we would see our clients back is in 2-3 years when we change the rooms for new ones. Although, waiting for years for your favorite location to release a new game is a true commitment and much appreciated, yet it does not seem to be right.  


There are 20 escape game centers in the DC area and each of them has several featured games. Every venue has its own vision and concept approach. The games are completely different from each other, each one has its own theme, vibe, puzzles, techniques and creative solutions.  


Sure, they are not equal. You might even like one more than the other. Just remember: you can’t judge until you try.  


Of course, this raises an important question…


Which DC Escape Room Venue is The Best?  


If you look up for Escape Room near me quarry, you will see that every venue calls itself #1, best, most thrilling, most immersive, unforgettable, and whatnot. We all know it’s part of the marketing and an acceptable promise in another advertisement.  


So, how to choose?  


Follow the recommendations.  


Did you know there is a whole community of escape room fans out there? So, if you aren't following some other industry enthusiasts and like-minded people, you can find them at the bonus section of this blog post. 

These are groups of passionate people who share their thoughts and opinions about the games they played. And don’t think it's a closed small group of antisocial geeks. You would be surprised to discover thousands of people throughout the country and in your neighborhood.    


Which Escape Room Do We Recommend?  


We get questions like that a lot from our visitors. Well, we do not think we are eligible to give personal recommendations.  




First, we did not play all of these games. In order to give an Oscar, you need to watch all of the nominated movies.  


Second, we’re as game creators and small business owners know how much is involved in the process of operating an escape room facility. 


The game itself is just a tip of an iceberg. The invisible part is incredibly complicated and affects every layer of the operational structure, including the game production. We can not ignore these circumstances and rate other venues. So please choose at your own discretion.  


Tips How to Choose an Escape Game


Wander the list and pick the theme that appeals to you the most.  

Read some reviews but do not get unfairly prejudiced against some place because of a negative feedback post. Other player’s opinions are subjective - not everyone will agree with them (Unless they prevail among all. Then there is a problem). The best way is to experience it yourself.  


Sounds good?


Let’s dive in:    


The list begins with our location and continues based on distance from us. Again, this is not a chart, the places are equal to each other in their position. 


Here are 19 Escape rooms in the DC metro area 


Update: Breakout Games in Falls Church recently closed in October, 2020 due to the pandemic and 2 more facilities in DC are Temporarily closed. As by now, we don't know if they reopen and when it could happen.  


(For any taste and all levels of experience). 


1. Cyber Raccoon Escape Room Falls Church


2. Escape Room Arlington


3. Bond’s Escape Room Arlington 


4. Escape Room Live Georgetown 


5. PanIQ Escape Room Georgetown DC

Temporarily closed due to pandemic


6. Escape Room Fairfax


7. Insomnia Escape Room Washington, DC


8. Escapology Escape Room Fairfax 


9. The Great Escape Room Washington, DC 

Temporarily closed due to pandemic


10. Escape the Room DC 


11. Escape Room Herndon 


12. Escape Quest Alexandria 


13. Escape Room Live Alexandria 


14. Big Escape Room Silver Spring


15. Escape Room Woodbridge 


16. Rockville Escape Room 


17. Escape Room Manassas 


18. Mission Escape Room Gambrills


19. Clue IQ Frederick 


If you played fewer than 5 games, you are just warming up. You would have a whole world to explore full of pleasant surprises.  Our advice: Try each one of them at least once.  


Trust me, the majority of the businesses strive, at first place, to provide great experiences to every customer. They must keep up with ever-growing levels of production and development in attempt to please customers of different tastes and preferences. 


Game creators want to invent creative solutions of its diversity. Even if you come across a wacky puzzle in generally a good room, just keep in mind that you are there to enjoy yourself and have fun.


Do not let frustration suck the joy out of the entire experience. If that puzzle is in a game, there is a possibility that not everyone finds it painful, unless you visit a torture chamber of course.  


Leave a comment below if you tried some of the games, tell us which one was good. Share what kind of puzzles you like and which ones you hate.  


Here’s the point of this whole post


You see, escape rooms are still not quite known to a major percentage of the general public. Every effort taken by either company to educate the potential players about the concept and existence of other places, will benefit the entire industry.  


We're taking a step forward and ask you to explore other venues. Whether you come to us or choose another business, it will have a positive effect in the long run. We are excited to introduce you to this world of fun games. Live games are a good way to get out of home, put addictive phones away, and socialize with other people.  


Bonus from the author:  


Join the Community of escape room enthusiasts family. Read recommendations from competent and seasoned players. Participate in discussions and connect.  


- Facebook escape room enthusiast group


- Room Escape Artist One of the most experienced (in not the most) industry experts who run their blog and hold yearly conventions. 


- Experienced escapers who traveling search of new games and run their blog.






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