20 Best Birthday Party ideas around Washington, DC 2021

Your or your friend's birthday is coming up, and you're out of fresh ideas. We have a game plan! You can treat your soul mates with an experience everyone will remember for years. Whether it’s a casual evening out or in style glamorous affairs, these memorable birthday party ideas around Washington DC will rock your celebration.  


To start making it happen, explore the following 20 worthy suggestions:  



1. Cyber Raccoon Escape Room

Located in Falls Church 


Get ready for your crew to leap into an alternative reality. This hands-on live-action activity calls for curious and creative adventures. You will experience story-driven games with highly interactive tasks, puzzles, and challenges. Combine your team’s wits to complete a number of ground-breaking missions. Be right in the heart of the action, challenge your skills, show the fun side of your personality. Enjoy playing a great party game with a room full of friends.  


You may like to consider the following birthday options in your arsenal:


  • A Birthday Deal that is offered from time to time will allow you to play for free if you come on an actual birthday day.
  • Party room rental for private after game time. Add a personal element, decorate the space for fun photo shots.
  • Catering options and ability to bring your own food or cake.
  • Packages for Adult birthday parties
  • Gift Cards (instant electronic certificates or paper).



2. ShowPlace ICON Theatre

Located in Tysons


Movie night birthday party in the DC area with popcorn favors and party flavors!  

This brand new movie theatre just opened this year and can be a great choice for both small gatherings with just a couple friends or a whole red carpet crowded extravaganza.  Get yourself comfortable on luxury leather reclining chairs or reserve vip seating for your group.  


Additional services ShowPlace ICON movie theater provides:  


  • Take your birthday night to a new level and reserve a private movie screening with an exclusive auditorium use. This is perfect for larger events with more than 20 guests.
  • Look through their catering menu  for special treats.
  • Find a Bar Lounge on a second floor lobby where you can order a drink and take it with you inside while watching your favorite movie.
  • You can purchase their Gift card in electronic format or plastic card.
  • Advanced moviegoers can sign up for a membership and take advantage of benefits all year round.


3. Cookology Culinary School

Located in Arlington  


Cooking class is an exceptional birthday experience with entertaining personal step-by-step guidance. This cooking workshop is located in Arlington, VA at Ballston Quarter shopping center and offers group cooking classes to general public and corporate clients. Guests make their own delicious dishes under the guidelines of a skilled Chef. Sip on wine while practicing culinary techniques and create a winning meal. Check out their complete list of culinary classes which include brunch, lunch, dinner, baking, sushi and what not! They run workshop classes for all ages and groups and were awarded being one of the best cooking classes in Washington DC.  


Cookology Culinary School services for Birthday Celebrations:  


  • Kids’ events and adult’s birthday parties
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Food and wine dinners
  • Gift cards


4. Bad Axe Throwing

Located in Mosaic District


Get up, dust off and reserve a lane at Bad Axe to have the greatest birthday activity party!  Don’t worry, you don't need any special skills in axe throwing in your background, you will go  through training with the help of an instructor who will teach you a couple trick shots and supervise the safety. It’s like playing a Darts game but on steroids. This experience is perfect for competitive fellas who live and breathe the bragging rights or enjoy cheering on their friends and family. Axe throwing is a rollicking good birthday party idea for active energetic groups. You can keep track of the scores or even come up with a reward for the most accurate shooter, such as a paid meal in one of many amazing restaurants lined up on Strawberry Ln or nearby in Mosaic District.  


Bad Axe Throwing services handy on birthday:


  • You can bring your own food or snacks
  • They can play any specific music by your request
  • Gift cards


5. Bowlero in Annandale   


Newly renovated bowling alley center with modern beautiful design and some add-ons to the space. Hang out in the arcade area or show your skills at a pool table or bowling lanes. Energizing club-like atmosphere is great for a big birthday bash with friends and drinks. Raise a glass for a guest of honor at their large bar or roll into the Lounge area which can be rented for a private event. Kids birthday parties may also try their skills at riding bumper cars, laser tags, corn hole games and shuffleboards.  


Additional services Bowlero offers for b-day:  


  • Private event reservations for attendees of all ages
  • Food and drink packages
  • Adult Party games, like beer pong
  • Fire pit chillout area and lounge
  • Gift certificates



6. Capital Elite Yacht Charter


Get your friends on board of one of DC’s finest yacht boats for a stellar private cruise. This is one-of-a-kind way to celebrate a major life event or another decade with important people around. You can organize a themed unique birthday party and carry the theme into party supplies, decorations, birthday invites, and touching photo opportunities. When the weather is nice, being outdoors is a treat. Have a sit-down dinner affair and party time with a DJ music on an open-air roof deck. Mix and mingle with guests as you sail on Potomac river and pass  Georgetown, Old town Alexandria or National Harbour. Choose Capital Elite or Odyssey sister company for an unforgettable premium celebration event.  


Elite offers the following services for birthday parties:  


  • Gourmet plated menus and buffets
  • Bar
  • Dance floor, band or dj


7. Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events

Located in Sterling


If you’re adventurous and don’t mind driving a little bit from DC, then this is a must go place!  No prior go-karting experience is necessary, just buckle up and ride (don’t skip the safety details of course). Kart racing is such an exhilarating experience but getting an adrenaline rush from time to time can be a big stress reducer. Invite some brave friends over and run an individual competition. Kids can ride starting from 8 years old with adult supervision and can also roll over to the arcade section afterwards.  


Autobahn Indoor Speedway can provide you with following goodies for you birthday:  


  • Large event space
  • Free race on your birthday!
  • Catering
  • Gift cards



8. THRōW Social

Located in Washington, DC Ivy City


Atmospheric spaces with beautiful decor in Palm Beach style.  You will find many cute backgrounds and sets to snap a lovable instagram picture.  It could be a terrific place for an unexpected surprise birthday party focused around the honoree with cool decor elements and touches. Spend a sparkling and charming night out with friends in DC. Make a great start at the bar with a fancy drink and roll your party over into a gaming room where you can beat your friends in a competition. Throw axes downstairs or reserve iceless curling and foot-bowls upstairs.  


Here’s what Throw Social can offer for your b-day:  


  • Cabana rentals
  • Include food and drink packages
  • Gift cards



9. iFLY Indoor Skydiving

Located in Ashburn, VA



Which of us did not dream of being able to fly? While some fearless folks don’t have a problem jumping off an airplane for free-fall skydiving, others are just not yet up for it. Fortunately, there is an indoor skydiving in DC area which will let you experience the same emotions without the risk of a regular jump. A tremendous flying tunnel tube that lifts you up in the air will let you experience a thrill of a flight. And an experienced instructor will provide guidelines and even maybe can teach you some tricks!  


Handy birthday services also provided at iFLY:  


  • You can sign up for a training program to learn some techniques before stepping on an airplane.
  • Catered food, cake and beverages
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Group discounted packages


10. SPIN Washington DC


This place made it into top 20 things due to its originality and concept. These guys don’t mind being different and we admire it! On Google they are listed as a sports bar but not the one where you sit and watch TV (that’s not new or creative). Instead, the feature ping pong tables, fun tabletop games and arcades. It’s a whole social ping pong club located two blocks from the White House. Not only do they have an awesome convenient location, accessible by public transport, but also share a cool vibe with its urban decor. You will find  tufted leather booths, colorful graffiti walls, neon signs, decorated ping pong sections, DJ area, two large bars and plenty of sittings around high tables. The floor area is leveled up  to separate sections which makes it easy to host a semi-private birthday event for your group and have privacy without buying out an entire venue. They offer a food menu, snack options and drinks. This is a fun birthday celebration idea for young adults who like keeping things active and like friendly competition.  After playing some table tennis you can go for a nice walk to enjoy DC’s nightlife views.  


Explore SPIN place and check out some advantages you can use for your birthday there:  


  • Party packages
  • Weekdays and Sunday specials



11. Topgolf

Located in Ashburn  


Topgolf provides a multi-level arena for tasting this luxury game you always falsely thought requires players to have mastering skills. Well, the experience is a bit different from the traditional one you get on a real golf course. It is modified to become accessible to a broader public by combining digital technology with the golf concept. You don’t walk on the field, instead you stay at what’s called “bay” - a station from where you pitch the ball and aim at huge dartboard-like targets on an outfield. The balls have programmed chips inside and  the screen will indicate where you shot. What is also great about Topgolf is its shine or rain climate-controlled area so you can plan your birthday activity in advance without relying on unpredictable weather conditions. People of all ages can play this golf game variation because it does not require much physical effort. It’s relatively easy to learn and players can apply their intuition senses to predict where the ball will land and how it will fly in arch with that much input. It takes some practice to become good but once you fill your hand, it becomes so satisfying and rewarding. You can have a great birthday outing and practice your golf pitches before signing up for a golf club membership in your neighborhood.  Gather your non-golfer and jedi-golfer friends for a tournament vibe with great food and drinks.  


Topgolf will be glad to provide your birthday event with these features:


  • Full restaurant and bar
  • Lines of TVS
  • Rooftop terrace with fire pit
  • Lower level lounge
  • Private event spaces & meeting rooms
  • Gift cards
  • Lessons to improve your game mastering



12. Washington Capitals  game

Location: Washington, DC


If your birthday event matches the NFL game season, you can associate your celebration with one of the games DC’s team regularly plays on Capital One Arena. Get close up to the famous beloved team and cheer the night away. The crowd energy and emotions will last for the year.  



13. National Harbor MGM   


If you need a little Vegas in your life, this is a great staycation birthday idea in DC metro area. This resort, in the best tradition of MGM brand, offers finest amenities, entertainment and hotel in National Harbor. Try your luck at a casino with a wide selection of slots and table games. Attend comedy shows, concerts and different events hosted on a weekly basis. You will find bars, lounges, shops, restaurants, you name it! Enjoy spectacular views of the harbor and nice waterfront walks.  



14. Sportrock Climbing Center

Located in Alexandria, VA


Need an emotional lift on your birthday? I feel you! Birthday Blues is a common feeling. The best way to shake it off is to do some fun activity. You may also want to try a more physical activity because it stimulates certain brain chemicals that make you feel happy, relaxed and less anxious.

If you like trying something new and don’t mind a fully hands-on experience, you should try this indoor climbing place. Bond with your active friends and make your route up on massive walls for climbers of all levels. Even if you are a novice climber, you will learn the basics and enjoy yourself. Advanced climbers will discover different wall types with diverse paths. Who knows, you might love it so much that you may join the climbing community or become a regular at their gym and yoga class. Gear up for your positive experience.  


Other great things to consider for a birthday event at Sportrock Climbing Center:


  • Celebrate before or after the activity in a private Party Room
  • Gift Certificates



15. Wilson Hardware  

Located in Arlington, VA


A three-level restaurant and bar, with a rooftop and dining patio. This Clarendon area gem has a modern lounge, club and fine dining all melted into one.  Leveled floor layout creates sectional areas convenient to host birthday party events with privacy.  At night, when it gets crowded, they clear the space for a dance floor.  


16. Zero Gravity Corporation

Located in Arlington, VA


The most unusual attraction just recently opened in Arlington, VA. You can now become an astronaut without going to space!  Experience 20-30 seconds of microgravity while Boeing 727 performs a parabolic arcs in air. Luxury life-time experience you won't forget.  

Don't forget to take advantage of taking photos and video of your Birthday experience!  

You will also get:  

  • A flight suit
  • And certificate of weightless completion


17. H Street Country Club

Located in Washington, DC

Fun neighborhood bar and a game parlor with an awesome vibe. Multiple floors venue where you can eat, drink and play games. When the weather is nice, go to the rooftop. Indoor mini-golf, basketball and skeeball machines, Shuffleboard tables, Pac-Man and more.  It has its own atmosphere, may be a bit odd but definitely fun and unique. It's also known for its Tacos and mixed drinks! 


What else you might like there? 

  • Events menu
  • Ability to reserve a separate area for your group



18. The Sovereign

Located in Georgetown, DC

Visitors love their Belgian-inspired beer selection that you can't find anywhere else in DC. Very good food to pair with tasty brews. This place is hidden at the end of an alley, so it does not get overly crowded and has plenty of room. Grab a pal to spend an hour or two in their upstairs bar or gather small group of mates for a private dining. It's perfect for mature folks to chat and sip good beer in a peaceful environment. Locals love the relaxing ambiance with dim lights and classic vintage-style European design.


If you decide to visit this Georgetown bar and restaurant for your birthday, check out these offers: 

  • Huge selection of draft beers
  • Brunch on Sundays
  • Happy hour on Monday - Friday from 5PM till 6:30PM with $4 Draft beer, Wine by glass, spirits and snacks


19. Barrel Oak Winery

Located Delaplane, VA  

What can be nicer than spending a special day outdoor with family and close friends? After quarantine lockdown we all appreciate going out for a breather. Come to Barrel Oak Vineyard and enjoy beautiful scenery with fire pit and patio. It's dog, kid, and family friendly place with nice wine and beer brew house. When the weather is nice, the outdoor seating areas are buzzing live music. Outdoor activity games and board games are there for you to pass the time. 


What to consider for birthday? 

  • Group tastings


20. Bubble Ball Rental


Located: DMV area 


If you like fun backyard parties and looking for an activity to entertain your guests, consider bubble ball rental. Bubble ball is a giant bubble that covers your entire body except legs. Get your guests moving or even knocked over and flipped. 10 bubbles cost around $350 and  game coordinators will provide game ideas. It will be as fun to watch as to participate. Plenty of laughs along the way are guaranteed. 

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