Quick Guide How to Change Your Reservation



We can NOT completely cancel your reservation with a refund. But you have the right to reschedule it! 

All sales are final and No refund will be issued in case of cancellation or no-show. 

The reason we can't process quick refunds is because we use third-party services for booking and payment processing, and we don’t have access to the payments until weeks after. Therefore, the payments are non-refundable. 

How to Reschedule Your Game

You have the right to reschedule your reservation free of charge if it's requested at least 24 hours before the initial booking. 

There is a $50 rescheduling fee if you request booking changes less than 24 hours in advance. But no later than 3 hours before your initial reservation. If your reservation is less than 3 hours before your booking, you can Not reschedule it. To reschedule just give us a call. 

You may only reschedule the game one time. 

You can reschedule your booking for any time in the future.

If you don’t have a certain date in mind yet, you can have an Open-date.

Open-date is when your reservation stays valid for up to a year from a date of purchase. Whenever you decide for a new date, you can call us to place a new reservation, and we will pull up the record and set it up for you from our end. 

The reason for rescheduling fee is because if you change the date or time of your reservation less than 24 hours in advance, then this time slot will not be filled by another team and thus we lose one potential booking that could have been used by other guests. In addition to that, the facility is open by reservation and therefore the staff is scheduled in accordance with the number and times of bookings. So when you change the time, employees will still come for 2 additional hours but have no players to host. 

Moving Time within One Day

Changing for later or sooner time slots within one day when requested less than 24 hours in advance is equivalent to rescheduling and is subject to rescheduling fee. But no later than 3 hours before your initial reservation. If your reservation is less than 3 hours before your booking, you can Not reschedule it.  

Being Late

We require players to show up 10 min before the reservation to receive a brief introduction with rules. Everything beyond this point is considered to be late. So please plan accordingly.  

If your ETA shows that you may be late, please call us at (571) 598-5908 to warn and discuss your options. We would do our best to assist you at this matter and still host your group. However, everything depends on the particular situation, such as how late you arrive and whether we have other groups scheduled right after. 

If you have just a few people among the group who may come late, we recommend starting the game on time, and we will let the late players join during the game. 

Guest Count and RSVP Change

We do Not offer partial refunds when someone from the group doesn't show up or arrives late. 

If you are not sure how many teammates you will have, it's better to book for a smaller group first. All reservations are private, regardless of the number of players, so you can book a game to reserve a spot. And if you have additional people, just call us to warn and you can pay the difference when you come. The price will be adjusted in accordance with the general rule: the more players you have, the cheaper it is per person.