Premium escape room that became favorite among escape game enthusiasts in the Washington DC area. In reviews people call it - different, creative, challenging, exciting, and surprising. It’s your best bet regardless of experience. First timers will be all amused by The Great Train Robbery game and seasoned players will appreciate the best practices implemented with a non-linier game flow, script and design.

Essentially, escape rooms are one of the best things to do together with kids, family and friends. Enjoy plenty of Whoa! and Aha! insight moments while spending time collectively working on puzzles and building stronger emotional bonds.

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  • Weekdays
    2-10 players
    On weekends and holidays
    4-10 players
  • Price based on number of players
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Train Robbery Game Storyline

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Today we step back into the 19th century gold rush and western frontier. The transcontinental railroad has spurred the settlement of the American West. It carries massive Railway Mail shipments and transports millions of dollars in gold across the country from California to the main treasury in Washington, DC.

A great train robbery stunned everyone with its audacity and execution. It required extensive planning on the part of the criminals to carry it off. Over $6,000,000 dollars varnished into the rugged mountain ranges of Nevada along with the clever outlaws. It could have been a ordinary crime but the gangs used a previously unknown weapon powerful enough to turn the main cat into a mangled pile of steel.

So now it's a matter of national security and because of the secrecy involved, a famous private company called the Pinkerton National Detective Agency was engaged. They specialize in solving train robberies and were hired by the government to investigate the crime and track the wily outlaws.

Now you are the part of a team of Pinkerton Detectives, deputy sheriffs and marshals heading to a Virginia City Saloon with a mission to find the perpetrators of the crime, recapture the gold and to learn the nature of the secret weapon they used.

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Who is It For?

The escape room game "Train Robbery" let you dive into the spirit of true American west. It features atmospheric game space to explore, aesthetically beautiful sets, puzzles that encourage teamwork, and lots of built-in special effects that help to feel the story and make the interactions responsive. Well-designed tech is built into other input mechanisms that are appropriate for the theme. Thus, the environment will give you an authentic sense of history. Its is perfect for story and adventure seekers, puzzle and scenario lovers who are up to challenge. Larger gaming space allows to comfortably host bigger groups.

“Train Robbery” Escape Game Reviews.

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  • Great great room. Amazing theme. Surprise ending to the Western themed room. Awesome puzzles, locks, etc. Kid friendly. Has lockers to put your thing. Will definitely be back. Stephen L. (Yelp)
  • Absolutely amazing. If you found my post. Please do yourself a favor, and just go already!!!! I've done over 60 rooms. Mostly in the DMV area, but have had the privilege to check out some award winning ones in USA and some overseas. This is definitely one of my top 2 escape rooms in VA. There is absolutely NO lock puzzles!!! The tech used in this room (Train Robbery) is beyond what you could have ever imagined, the decor in the room is amazing, the puzzles were a joy to solve. I cannot believe how awesome of a room this was. It just kept blowing our mind. They have lockers that have a charger for all sorts of phones that allow you to charge your phone too! Free parking outside. I cannot wait to come back to check out their second room that is being built now. Clinton L. (Yelp)
  • Fun and challenging! And it's a big space. I went to another escape room in Alexandria and the room was too small for a group of 6. I would definitely recommend this location for larger groups. You won't feel claustrophobic and there's plenty of clues that you can split up and figure out in pairs. Decor is on point too. Lots of effort was put into this. Ngocthi D. (Yelp)
  • This was hands down the best escape room I've ever done. They have very clever puzzles and fantastic attention to detail. Mark C. (Google)
  • We had a GREAT time here tonight. We did the Train Robbery story and it's awesome. The "room" is really nicely done and the story is interesting and compelling. This is by far the best escape-the-room we've ever done. Mark J. (Yelp)
  • Amazing! I've been to a ton of escape rooms. The wild west-themed room at cyber raccoon blows them all out of the water. By far the best room I've ever done! The puzzles were tough, but all of them made sense. There were only 2 of us, so we struggled a little bit. But the hosts, Katrina and Albert, were so helpful with the clues when we needed them. We went a little over the hour, and they let us finish it out. I cannot state enough how cool this room was. The gadgets were awesome. All of the clues did something really cool when you solved them. If you love escape rooms or if you want a good one to try out for your first go, try this place out! The second their new room is ready, I'll be heading back! Shaylyn S. (Google)
  • This is way different from your usual escape room in the area. They have really large rooms with lots of details and fun puzzles. We appreciated "no padlocks" credo because I always have trouble opening them. There were some challenging tasks but they all made sense and did fit into the theme (we did Train Robbery game). We will be back! Marcelo V. (Google)
  • A truly fun place to spend that afternoon Joe & Casey Rusnak (Google)
  • I've done a lot of room escapes and this is definitely one of the good ones. The perfect blend of straightforward and complicated and our game master was super nice! Highly recommend! Lynnette R. (Yelp)
  • This was the fourteenth escape room I've done and it's certainly my favorite. The design of the Train Robbery room was amazing, clever puzzles, and overall a very fun experience. Kat was awesome with giving us the intro, and answering all our questions about the location. We'll be back as soon as the next room opens? Felix V. (Google)
  • This is definitely a must go place! We did a Train robbery room, the one that has western theme. Our group had a tremendous time! The game was fun and we almost made it in time. After the game they took our photos right in the room with props and we were offered hats to wear, which was also cool. Then we received the pictures to our emails and omg! I am printing and placing those into the wall. They look super cool and very nice quality. I think these are something you would make in a professional photo studio for quite a high price and here it was free! Definitely visit them and best would be to come with your own group of friends. Nikol A. (Google)
  • Very well done story, puzzles, details, the quest! Perfect spot for the party! Love the stuff! Waiting for another adventures! Mike M. (Yelp)
  • Great place to spend with your family, friends or coworkers. One of the options for a team building and for testing yourself and people you know. I had a blast with my friends and will definitely bring my coworkers. Ramil L. (Yelp)
  • This is a very new escape room and I highly recommend it. We have done a lot in the area, and this is one of the best. No padlocks, no bike locks, just fun and challenging puzzles that will keep you engaged until the very end. Matt K. (Google)
  • This place currently only has 1 escape room but it is really well done. The decorations are top notch and definitely a few surprises are in store for you. If you like escape rooms do yourself a favor and go to this one! Leon S. (Yelp)
  • Best escape room ever!!! We had so much fun playing the game!!! Dilyara M. (Google)
  • TLDR: Best escape room in NOVA. We have visited many escape rooms in the area and most of them are quickly assembled, sometimes with duck tape, sometimes with non-interactive objects marked with famous "do not touch" stickers. The train robbery room which we visited in CyberRacoon escape rooms has no comparison to any other rooms. It is unique, well done, completely immersive, authentic room. No master lock locks, no cheap stuff - immersion and quality. You see that right when you enter the room. The bar is quite something! The story line is amazing, it is deep and rich, well thought. Can be solved by 1 or 2 people, but also is scalable to a bigger team. Put your logic to test and you will succeed. Honestly I did not know such high quality escape rooms exist before I went to this one. Highly recommended, well worth it and ... I'm waiting for new rooms to be opened. Alex S. (Yelp)
  • Ive been to 15+ escape rooms around the DC and Baltimore area. I was incredibly impressed by their Train robbery room easily top 3 for me. Theming, experience, puzzles and story were some of the best ive experienced.Kat was super friendly and a great hostess. Cant wait for their next rooms! Will be going very quickly. Scott O. (Google)
  • Very high quality props and theme. Jesse F. (Google)
  • We were driving by and came without a reservation. The staff let us play and were very kind. They offered us coffee and bottled water free of charge and we waited in a lobby chatting while waiting for the room to be reset. The game was super cool and we had a blast! Our experience was excellent, we would visit this location again! Alina T. (Yelp)
  • Amazing room! Amazing production values! Clues that make sense! Easily the best escape room ever! Colin K. (Google)
  • Fabulous experience! Very highly recommended! Can be an excellent gift for any occasion! Dzmitry K. (Google)
  • After reading the yelp reviews of another escape room enthusiast in the NoVA area, I came across a review for this escape room venue. Having been to quite a few escape rooms (16) and a few venues (6), I am always down for something new and innovative. What can I say, but wow! Wow. Wow. Wow. This venue exceeded my expectations. If you are looking for something new, don't hesitate to go to this venue! It's unlike any venue you have been to, trust me! First, the venue is currently doing a 20% off coupon for the next two weeks. Next, when you arrive, the building is so unsuspecting, you could miss it if you didn't know what you were looking for, however when you walk inside, you are immediately greeted by your game master (mine was Kat, who was fabulous) and a wonderfully minimalistic decor. From there, you can lock things in a locker and keep the key. And guess what? The locker has a phone charger inside! What better incentive to keep your cell phone away from you while playing the game. The theme of their current (and only room so far) is a Wild West Themed roomed called Train Robbery. I went today on a weekday at the 10 pm appointment time and booked it maybe an hour prior and was able to have the room with just me and my partner. The room: Amazing! Decorated so nicely! All of the props and furniture made the room so believable, like you traveled back in time. Without giving to much away, yes! There are no locks (directional, numerical or otherwise), just props that fit like puzzle pieces within the game. The game was definitely challenging, especially for 2 people but doable! My partner and I completed with quite a few hints and some extra time that's to our lovely game master! The storyline was incredible. I can't wait to see their space themed room in the next few months! I'll definitely be back! Thank you Kat and Cyber Raccoon team for the amazing experience! Katurah M. (Yelp)
  • Had a great experience in a quest room ! Great puzzles , atmosphere and story line ! Defiantly advise this escape room ! Best escape room in this area. Sem N. (Google)
  • I really do appreciate thoughtful feedback given on reviews so I decided to give the Cyber Raccoon Escape Room a go after reading all the rave reviews. Honestly, my party was blown away! By far the best staged escape room experience in the area (and I have been to many). We had a party of 3 adults and 5 children and everyone had a fantastic time. I would rate the difficulty on a 6-7 level (for adults). We weren’t quite able to complete it on time but Kat allowed us extra time to finish (thankfully because the end was very cool) and along the way I think we asked for 2 hints. There were many clues to uncover that unlocked very fun hints. The room was very authentic and clearly a lot of time, effort and expense went into this experience—definitely a high quality escape experience! They are always fun but I’ve been to many that were on the chintzy side and this room was top notch from the props to the room decor to the puzzles themselves. I’m not much for social media but this was really so much fun I wanted to share our experience!!! Kirsten Z. (Google)
  • This was an amazing room! Very wonderful space for our group of 6, where everyone had something to do for the Train Robbery scenario! We were very impressed with the electronic and mechanical aspects of all the puzzles, but the most amazing fact was that they all worked seamlessly! We will be coming back for their E-Liza scenario they are releasing in a week or two! Also the lockers have phone chargers lol 🅰️💯 Darrin M. (Google)
  • We have done most of the escape rooms in the area and were looking for a new room to do with the family. Just found this place with a quick search and am so thankful I did. New place, open in mid January and judging by this first room, this place is going to be great. The train robbery was very well done. We were very impressed by the story, the game masters, the quality of the props and theming, and the complexity and creativity of the puzzles. It's very rare to experience new and unique ways to provide clues and mechanisms to progress through an escape room which haven't been used in other rooms, but this place delivered. From the manner in which the game master communicated with our group, to the unexpected ways that we discovered our next clues, we were very impressed and look forward to each new room they open. Also, this room is a challenge. Very well done. Keep it up! :-) Jared G. (Yelp)
  • Highly recommend this place to everyone! Anna B. (Google)
  • Fans of escape rooms need to visit this place. The room is built with the finest quality. The puzzles are all well incorporated and had plenty of surprises that are not obvious! Kat was a great master and even asking for hints was a blast. *Hint* Leon S. (Google)
  • This was so much fun! Very easy to book. Lots of parking. Lockers to store your belongings in when you get there- free of charge. We went for team building and ended up having an awesome time. It's super interactive. So many clues to keep a whole group thinking. We didn't stop smiling the whole time. The staff were very helpful and friendly, you could tell they wanted you to have a good time and get the lost out of the experience. I would come back here for any event. A great date night, a way to enjoy a rainy afternoon or as a team building activity. Can't say enough good things thanks so much!!! Laura H. (Yelp)
  • I found this place on Google and saw they have a game with a wild west theme that I like very much so I decided to give it a try. The place itself was neat, they have cool decorations and handy lockers with phone charges in them that everybody in our group appreciated. The gaming room was just amazing! It indeed looked like we went back to Old west. Without giving too much, I would just say that it is super immersive, they have different special effects that make it feel real. I certainly recommend this place. Mikhail N. (Google)
  • Great escape room...Very interactive...would definitely recommend!!!! Friendly staff and upscale atmosphere!!! Vic V. (Google)
  • This escape room did not disappoint! It is my 10th escape room and my favorite so far. What I loved about this room is the attention to detail and the high tech aspects. There are lights, sounds, moving objects, and things that open and close on their own. It's cool how they engineered everything so you really get your money's worth. The sets and the rooms were very well decorated and with good quality items. You didn't feel like you were in a cheap maze room. The first one I've ever done was more of solving puzzles to open boxes with key codes to get locks to open other boxes or doors. This one is more comprehensive and isn't just opening locks or doors. Story line keeps you feel like you are in Wild West and living live of the real person. Highly recommend to have bigger group to solve puzzles quicker. Also party room is well organized and definitely going to make reservation for next birthday party.Staff is very friendly and game master will help you if you stuck on something and will give you a clue. Russ S. (Yelp)
  • Awesome game, they really put a lot of effort into it. The scenic design is top notch, very unique puzzles and a friendly staff. As an owner of an escape room and an avid fan of playing I can happily recommend people go play here. Steven W. (Google)
  • Amazing place, had lot of fun! Escaping room was challenging and we lost. It took us 1:15 to get out! Place also has party room which is perfect for birthdays and similar activities;) have fun! Valeri I. (Google)
  • I am a very experience escape room goer, I have been to almost all in northern Virginia, I stumbled upon this one and decided to give it a go with my friend who is a not so experienced goer. It was visually the coolest looking room I have ever done and the details were extraordinary. They don't use padlocks so it felt super realistic like you were actually doing puzzles. I am still floored by the storyline of the room as well. You can tell they put in immense effort, it truly shows. I am extremely excited for them to open their next rooms and will be recommending them highly to all my escape room aficionados. Try out this room! You won't be disappointed. Molly M. (Yelp)
  • I've been to every single room in DMV area and just a few at Ocean City MD. It was hard enough for a group of 4 people, where the most complicated things were solved by the youngest team members with no experience. It took us just a little longer than an hour. Lots of fun. Definitely recommend. Konstantin O. (Google)
  • It was our first time doing an Escape Room. We came in with the whole family on 02/02 and had 6 people in our team. I must say that from outside the building looks like nothing special but inside it looks amazing! The interior design is very cool. The host who greeted us was very friendly and since we were not familiar with the concept, she explained us how the things work. We had one hour to "complete our mission" and get out of the room. I do not want to spoiler the game, I will just say that it was very well thought and it was exiting to put pieces of the puzzle together and so dive into the story behind the sets. Although our time ran out, they still gave us extra time to finish the game for no extra cost. We really appreciate it because everybody wanted to know the ending of the game and it really did worth seen. After the game we went to a restaurant and we all kept discussing the game even 2 hours later. Everybody just loved it, so I think we are all now escape room fans. We now look forward to their next game! Deborah M. (Google)
  • We've been at a couple of escape rooms, but this one is the best so far. Impressive room setting along with twisted storylines create a very unique experience. Also, get ready for a very high tech puzzles. The owners make all the puzzles themselves and you can tell how passionate they are about what they are doing. We'll be back to check out another room shortly. Timur A. (Yelp)
  • Best escape room in DMV area. Great story, state of the art quests and nice touches. Total time was almost 1h, need to be better now. Recommending to all my friends now. Alex S. (Google)
  • My 9 year old son, my 61 year old father and I completed this escape room. They do not lock you in due to it being task based though we did not leave the room. The theme is Train Heist. It was very cool and interactive. The host was amazing and we did need quite a few hints. It is supposed to be a hour escape room it did take us about 2.5. The host was extremely patient and gave hints not the answer. There was not group after us so she did not make us leave when our time was up. Your get to dress up with hats and bandannas and take pictures that they send to you. Overall I loved the experience. My son was entertained and did not complain at all during the whole 2.5 hour experience and I was hesitant to even do a escape room with him. I loved the experience. Great Escape Room. Great Company. Melissa C (TripAdvisor)
  • WOW! What an amazing experience! Awesome theme, great idea and very puzzling game :) 5 stars of 5! Recommend to everyone, you will be very pleased! Rail M. (Google)
  • Wow. Just wow. This is the most fun I've had at an escape room. The attention to detail and quality of this escape room is unlike any other escape room in the area. The design of the room is very high quality with ample props and accessories. The story-line is captivating and the puzzles are fun to solve. There may even be one or two surprises waiting for you....if you're quick enough to the draw ;). The hosts are very welcoming and make sure you have a great time. There's also a pretty cool party room where you can hang out with your group before or after the escape room. Definitely can't wait until they open up the next room. Nikita G. (Google)
  • Great Experience, great stuff! Love it! Mike M. (Google)