Cyber Raccoon escape room has a program for annual charitable contributions we provide to the local community. We give donations to certain nonprofit organizations and also collaborate with for-profit companies, if these organizations share our business's values and align with our brand.

Our Values

People come to escape rooms not just for fun. Joy comes as a consequence of insight moments achieved through mental effort and intellectual strains. Playing games requires changing our mindset, evolving certain sets of skills by means of self-development and education.

Meanwhile, it takes quite a diverse knowledge in different specialty fields to create a great game. Our game designers have backgrounds in engineering, IT, coding, electronics, and other professional majors.

We were lucky to use the acquired knowledge for its intended purpose and do what we love. This made us recognize the value of education and professional expertise. Thereby, we would like to contribute to the new generation education and people who abide lifelong learning and personality growth.

We believe it’s important to empower students to graduate high school, attend and graduate college, and achieve their goals. There must be an equal opportunity to higher-level education regardless of financial capabilities.

Charitable Organizations We Help and Companies We Partner with

Organizations which are dedicated to good quality high school education, college access and success. Companies that provide any student-focused services, such as college life on campus, summer programs, develop academic, social, and financial foundations, encourage college interest, and run programs that reward talented students who achieve academic success. Associations related to education, personal growth and self-improvement matter to us.

We highly prioritize programs supporting: high school seniors, college students, adult education, professional associations and alliances.

Forms of Donations and Ways To Collaborate

We provide in-kind donations of our services in a form of gift certificates. Those gift vouchers can be used by the organization for it’s or annual Gala and silent auction needs to raise money. They can also be used as a reward gift for achievements.

Our space can also be used as a resource for your fundraising or networking event. Occasionally we are volunteering our venue and business’ time by hosting meetups, roundtables, and other social gatherings.

We participate in fundraiser programs by donating a portion of sales. The percentage of monetary donations depends on the number of tickets sold.

Other monetary donations, which includes donations by cash, check, credit cards, and electronic transfers are available only in Scholarship and Sponsorship Programs.

We will consider mutually beneficial relationships with for-profit companies by donating gift vouchers in exchange for other services or marketing resources. For example, our brand exposure, promotion materials, or media visibility.

Donation Eligibility

Donation requests for the current year are accepted till the end of March. Inquiries received after the due date will be automatically transmitted to the next year. Due to the high number of emails we receive, we highly recommend sending us your requests for upcoming events each year between January and the end of March. That way we can review up-to-date information. We verify the charity’s status of nonprofit organizations.

We require permission from organizations to whom we donate to post information about our involvement in the charity. This may include: use its branding in press releases or announcements we make to customers, publications about our support, public posts on social media platforms and our website. This permission should be provided by email in a form of written acknowledgment from the charitable organization.

Partnership and Sponsorship programs are open year-round. We create alliances with other organizations and network with individuals who are potential partners.

How to Increase the Chance of Receiving a Donation From Us

We give contributions and gifts to certain local companies, whose missions are personally important for us and relate to our values. When you contact us, please clearly explain your mission, past successes and current challenges. Describe how you plan to use the received contribution.

Because we are a small business and operate on small margins, we are less interested in tax benefits and deductions. Companies which can provide publicity raise awareness from a marketing standpoint are more likely to be approved. This may include: promote our business on your website (include website URL), display our promo media at the event, publishing news, pictures and information about us, including any form of spreading the word about our venue that could generate press and brand awareness.

Donation Restrictions

  • Donated gift certificates are valid for 5 months: from April 1st till the last day of August.

  • Valid on Sunday-Friday. Not valid on Federal Holidays.

  • Minimum age applied to parties of just kids from 16+.


  • We do not provide donations to religious organizations.

  • Because our games have a minimum age due to the game’s difficulty level, we do not partner with elementary schools.