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This gift certificate entitles its recipients to set aside the burdens of the day and dive into completely unique one hour immersive Escape Room adventure!


The certificate has open dates. Redemption is valid for up to a year from the date of purchase.
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Digital Voucher is the most popular option. It's convenient because you will instantly receive an email with a Certificate which has links to the booking and instructions how to redeem.

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Order the gift card now and pick up at our Falls Church location within 2 days. Great for those who want to present the gift in person.

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If you like it classy, we will mail the gift certificate to the receiver by First Class Mail. Stay incognito or sign it!

Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions

  • Redemption is valid for up to a year from the date of purchase.
  • The gift certificate can be combined with other offers.
  • Redemption is available at online booking.
  • Booking is required. Reservations are not refundable and can not be cancelled. Booking can be rescheduled up to 24 hours before your reservation.
  • Game Gift Voucher is not redeemable for cash, not reloadable and not subject to refund.

If you are not sure whether an escape game is a good gift for someone you care about, here are some guidelines that would help you to decide.

Escape The Room Game is an Experiential Gift

Studies show that experience gift ideas are prioritizing the market of holiday and birthday gifts. New trend of preferring personal experiences over stuff is supported by a number of researches conducted during recent years. The results show that the best things in life aren't things anymore. Nowadays, more people want meaningful memorable experiences and emotions over material gifts. Such amusement attraction as an escape game will make a perfect gift to a friend, family, colleague or boss. We run amazing, memorable adventures that bond players together, excite and fill with joy.

Psychological experiments revealed that overall enjoyment with material and experience gifts is about equal at the time of receipt, but the overall satisfaction with material things decreases over time, whereas satisfaction with the experiences people had actually increased. Thus, it was determined that people consider life experiences to be a better value of money. Escape room prices are around $28.00 which is equal to a shirt or video game cost, but it is worth more. People admit that they’re much happier after doing something fun than they would’ve been with more clothes or another ordinary present.

It also turns out that Americans spend $13 billion on holiday gifts that end up in trash.

Memorable Experience Gift

Escape room venues recently grew into a nice add-on to DC area amusement attractions becoming local’s favorite activity on weekends or holidays. Whether it is a routine trip for an experienced escape room goer, night out with friends or a special event followed by a nice dinner in a nearby restaurant, it always turns into good times they'll never forget. So, spend a truly memorable day out with friends, relatives or colleagues and don’t forget to take group photos of your team with props for the record right in the theme decorated gaming rooms!

A large family posing for a group photo after cpompleting an escape game.

Who Would Enjoy the Escape Room Gift Card

Individuals of any age will enjoy the activity as long as they have the personality qualities similar to our audience. Do you know someone who has not lost its daring and curiosity about the unknown and is always seeking for new things to do? Or perhaps someone who is adventurous and enjoy plunging into stories? You won’t believe how many novice players become true escape room fans after making creative solutions by expanding their minds with insight they may not realize they had within them. Our audience likes being engaged in exploration and having journeys into immersive fantasy worlds. If you have someone with the same mindset, take them to escape room and watch them live their best life.

Escape Game will be a Good Gift Idea for the Following Audience:


A group of coworkers take a team photo before gaming experience.

According to a 2019 LinkedIn survey, three out of four workers say they’d rather share an experience than exchange gifts, and 73% would prefer to have time off to do what they’d like, instead of getting holiday bonus. At an escape room you can have the whole company participating so no one feels left behind and get overwhelmingly positive work environment with an easy-going friendly atmosphere and enhanced motivation among colleagues.


A team of friends gathering for a game night out

Mix a good company with a bit of a thrill, add intellectual challenges and cool physical interactions and you will get a perfect mix for a fun night out with friends! Besides that, it’s the gift you can share.


Family with kids and adults posing with props for a picture after escaping.

As well as a number of other attractions in Washington dc metro area, our games are family friendly. Share the joy of adventure games with three generations of your family whether you visit them for holidays or arrange family reunion gathering. It's hard to describe how heartwarming it is, for instance, watch father working with his daughter together and overcoming challenges as they work to escape; or parents explaining the logic and correlations of the puzzles and teaching problem solving skills by example.

Gift idea for coworker - Gift for friend - Gift for company - Experience gift - Holiday gift - Birthday gift - Present for family

Gift idea for coworker - Gift for friend - Gift for company - Experience gift - Holiday gift - Birthday gift - Present for family