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Beating an Escape Room

Player's experience chart
Novice 0-10 games
Intermediate 10-25 games
Advanced 25-50 games
Pros 50+ games

As designers and game creators, we have to take into consideration the experience level of a general public, which is between novice and intermediate.

For such audience our games are considered to be advanced difficulty level. Therefore, experienced players have higher chances to take one of the leaderboard top places. Thus, it's important to understand that these well deserved top spots were earned by experience and not thanks to rush. And who said they don't look back and wish that they had slowed down and took it all in rather than beating the record?

It's up to you how to play but the most important aspect of playing an escape game is the gaming process itself. Slowing down and sipping every given moment will let you enjoy the game to the fullest. Often, if you rush, you miss out details which are important to the story. Some of these details may not be crucial but they are like precious gems that fulfill scenario and make it shine in a different way. Unless you like reading books and skipping pages. Having a blast in an escape room game means having a good fun time and not beating a record. The games are designed to be played within one full hour, so don't deprive yourself of the opportunity of making more of the time. Each of our games have a timer on the door which helps to approximately evaluate timing and distribute it rationally. If you feel that you launched like a rocket at the beginning but came across a hard task later, it would be best not to ask for a clue just because you want to make it on a leaderboard. Use the advantage of saved up time to figure out a more complex riddle by yourself. I promise you will savor the victory more this way than you would with a hint. It is not a bad thing to ask for help (especially that we do not have limits on clues), if your team got stuck with a puzzle but in most cases it could be solved if you ask yourself the right questions and brainstorm with your mates. If you would like more tips on how to play escape game and have a blast, read our blog about escape room tips and secrets that experienced players put together for you.

P.S. We do not interfere your game with a god voice from speaker even when you are behind the timer. However, you can request a game master to offer help if we think you need to catch up.