There is no better excuse to get all of your favorite people in one room and reminisce about the time you've spent together.

Birthday Parties are available on Sunday - Friday.

We do not host special events on Saturdays. They are reserved for public bookings.

Each game has 10 players max capacity. Consider your team experience level.

Consider your team experience level.

Parties can be Semi-Private and Private.

There is a price difference between 2 packages. Additional limitations applied to semi-private reservations. Download PDFs below.

Bar is available for Private events only AND allowed after the gaming experience.

Plan your cocktail hour and party time after the main experience. We do not allow drinks inside the gaming rooms (exception: bottled water with lids).

Bring your own food & cake OR order catering.

Treat your guests with sweets and snacks. Learn more about the catering options.

Young lady is celebrating her birthday in an escape room.

Why to Celebrate Another Milestone You Hit in an Escape Room?

The dictionary defines the word original as being new, inventive and creative in thought or action. This description is in direct contact with the concept of escape rooms. If you want your or your friend's Birthday Party to be different this time, here are some special packages we offer for such occasions.

Birthday Celebration Events Can Be Semi-Private or Private

If you are interested in booking one of our regularly-scheduled games as a Private Booking and not interested in adding a Party Room or Catering, just book a Private Game online or contact us for assistance.

A group of friends gathered together at a table with food and drinks to celebrate a birthday occasion.
A group of friends is having a party in a Party Room. Semi-Private Event

Semi-private Escape Room Event Package

1. Nonprivate (shared) facility

While you will have your own escape rooms for your group (private booking), there may be other guests on site. For example, there could be another reservation after your game and new guests could be in our waiting area, using lockers, restrooms and playing in the gaming rooms.

2. Semi-Private events use our regular schedule:

Regular Schedule time slots:
"Train Robbery" game regular schedule:
10AM, 11:30AM, 1PM, 2:30PM, 4PM, 5:30PM, 7PM, 8:30PM, 10PM
"Space Glider" game regular schedule:
9:30AM, 11AM, 12:30PM, 2PM, 3:30PM, 5PM, 6:30PM, 8PM, 9:30PM

3. Price

Regular ticket rates apply.

4. Additional conditions

Bar option is no available for Semi-private event. Bar can be reserved from one of our vendors only when you book a Private event.
If there are other guests on-site, we would not turn loud music in the Party Room or waiting area.
If there are other guests on-site, Party Room doors must remain shut.

5. Party Room rates

If you would like to book a Semi-private event and interested in adding a Party Room option, there would be an additional charge of $100 for the Party Room rental. Here are the details of what is included in a Party Room rental. Choose one of our Catering vendors for food options.
Private Event

Private Escape Room Event Package

1. Private facility

Enjoy premium experience by reserving the entire venue. No other public will be allowed within your reservation time. This package will also enable additional services for your event.

2. Private events can choose time

We can host your event Off regular schedule hours (from 6AM till 1AM). If you are booking multiple rooms, we will start the games simultaneously.
Attention: We will provide special hours based on the availability. If we already have reservations for the same day/time you requested, these bookings will not be moved. Therefore, please plan your event in advance, so we can offer you the best required time.

3. Price

Special rates of $32 per person will apply.

4. Additional conditions

Order Catering from one of our vendors or bring your own food. bar is also available for Private events. Request music, karaoke , use TV at a Party Room for special needs.

5. Party Room rates

If you would like to book a Private event and interested in adding a Party Room option, there would be an additional charge of $150 for the Party Room rental. You will not only have the Party Room but the entire facility would be available for your needs!

Birthday Gift Card

Escape Game experience gift idea

Custom made escape room gift card

You may now purchase an escape room activity gift voucher as a present.

We offer private game vouchers (from 2 till 10 players).

For your convenience, we provide gift certificates in 3 forms:

Electronic gift card (get emailed and can be printed)
Hard Paper gift card in a gift envelope that you can pick up in store
Hard Paper gift card in a gift envelope that we can mail by First Class mail.

How to plan a Birthday party in an Escape Room

  • Guest list
  • Package
  • Party Room
  • Food & Drinks
  • Reserve
  • Plan activities
  • Notify us about plans
  • Celebrate

Step 1 Make a guest List

If your party has up to 10 guests, you can have them all playing together. For larger groups consider dividing them in 2 teams.

If your party is larger than 20 players, you will have to reserve 2 hours of gaming time and rotation of the teams.

Step 2 Choose between two event packages

Pick Semi-Private Package with regular ticket rates, if you do not mind other players to be present in a venue.

Pick Private Package with rates of $32 per ticket, if you prefer to reserve entire venue and enjoy other benefits included to this deal.

Step 3 decide whether you need a Party Room after the Game

Rent a Party Room for only $100 when booking a Semi-private event.

Rent a Party Room for $150 when reserving a Private event.

Step 4 Food and Drinks

Bring your own food or cover all your catering needs from start to finish with our vendors. They cater breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. You will find a wide variety of options to fit any casual event and social gathering. Order finger food, sandwiches, pizza, dips, small bites and nibbles or create a full course buffet. Celebrate with cocktail hour afterwards.

Step 5 Place your reservation

To make a Semi-Private or Private event reservation, please contact us for assistance. Our party planning team will assist you immediately. You can reach us by making an event inquiry via form below, chat with us, email or call.

Please provide as much details about your plans as possible, so we can correctly estimate it. Use Party Packages PDFs as a price guideline for Party Room rental and games. Additional charges will apply for catering and bar.

There could be possible limited availability due to existing reservations which we can not move so please plan your event ahead of time.

Step 6 Plan other activities

Entertain your friends and family with games, music, contests and more. Plan decorations, supplies and deliveries. read the tips below which will help to organize a pleasant and smooth event.

Step 7 Notify us about your plans

We want to make sure your celebration goes perfect! Our staff will help you to organize your special event so we need to be on the same track with your plans and expectations. We prepare Party Room for special events in advance by stocking supplies and setting up the equipment. Address your requests and special needs to our team so we can meet all your demands!

Step 8 Celebrate

Some people look forward to this day and others feel down. Don’t feel pressured, be happy and share the joy.

When the guest of honor is pleased and delighted, the patrons who join to honor the birthday by sharing the day will feel the same way.

Party Room and Venue Amenities

Skirted pop up tables and booths will comfortably seat up to 15 people at a time.

Additional seating on stools at high top bar.

Beverage station with free coffee, tea and bottled water.

Free coat racks and secure lockers.

Party Room with private entrance and additional separate outdoor entrance.

TV, sound system and other equipment can be used for guests needs.

Free large parking right at the venue. Handicap parking and accessible entrance.

Baby changing station.

Tips for Planning Escape Room Birthday Event

A group of young adults dressed up and posing for a group photo in an escape room.

1. We do not recommend bringing kids for adult parties. The gaming experience can be disturbing with young children. Participants and attendees should be 21+ if you are planning to reserve a bar.

2. Plan your escape room gaming experience to take place at the beginning part of the event followed by a party time.

A team of escape game players in costumes making picture for a leaderboard.
Escape Room guests are celebrating a birthday in a party room, eating finger food and drinking beer.

3. Would like to have food at your celebration? Feel free to order catering from our vendors. You may also bring your own food or organize Potluck dinner with your guests. Just notify us about your catering plans in advance. Let us know how many tables you might need and whether you are planning to have a cake table or bar set up. Small refrigerator and microwave available by request.

4. Plan your party room activities. Think about your program after doing an escape room. Would you rather have some stand-up, mix and mingle time or play party games?

Private event packages will allow you to use our party room equipment for your needs, so plan your music, dancing time, play videos, games, and etc.

A group of young adults is playing games and activities at a birthday party.
Smiling lady is cutting a cake in a decorated with balloons party room.

5. Plan the party supplies and decor. Have someone coming in advance to decorate the place. Our staff members will be happy to assist you with decorating routine.

6. Do not forget about your group photos after the games! We provide our decorated rooms with authentic sets and props and take pictures with a professional photo camera. This is completely free and the images gets emailed to you in high resolution.

You can also come up with a special theme for the party and inform your guests in advance. This will give you the best themed group photos ever!

Dressed up in costumes playeres are taking a photo with props and sets inside the gaming room.

Make a Semi-Private or Private Birthday Party Event Inquiry

Contact us via a form below to receive a custom quote based on your needs. Our team will be happy to assist you with planning your best escape room activity.

You can also contact us directly via live chat or call for an immediate assistance.

Special event coordinator



Escape Room Reviews

  • This place was so much fun! It was very evident how much thought was put into even the little details, from the lobby, to the bathrooms, to the game, and post game. Kat was a spectacular host and we look forward to returning when they open up their next escape room mission later this month! Charles Q. (Google)
  • Satisfied player who left a five star rating and positive review. My husband and I have done a number of escape rooms and this was easily in our top 3! I’d give it a 6 if I could. It was challenging, so clever, and a uniquely interactive room. We had the best time and look forward to the next room coming out! Christie T. (Google)
  • First time player who left a five star rating and positive review. It was my first escape room experience with a group of friends who played several games before. This business is relatively new and we decided to give it a try since it’s the closest one to Tysons Corner. The place has a lot of parking and convenient location right off Lee Hwy. Inside was also nice: large lobby, decorated party room with snacks and coffee, lockers, coat racks and music. Introduction was fast and in 5 min we were inside the room. I won’t mention the gaming details, but it was interesting and amusing experience. It took us a bit longer than one hour but we were given some extra time to finish. We all enjoyed the game and will definitely be back. Tais♥ K. (Google)
  • Happy player who left a five star rating and positive review. Extremely fun. This place was recommended to us by another escape room company, and it did not disappoint. Creative, thematically on point, and an exceptionally fun time. Can’t say enough good things about this place. Highly recommend. Dusk D. (Google)
  • person who left a five star rating and positive review. We were visiting Washington DC and were looking for something to do on a Sunday night. My friend found this place on Yelp and they had good feedback from other reviewers so we booked a game. Our team failed but we had fun playing! I would say that the game was more challenging than the other ones we’ve played before. They were not linear so we naturally divided into groups and all were involved in the process of solving some parts of the puzzles. We were on the right track solving the riddles but it just took us a bit more time. If you are new to escape games, I would recommend either coming with a bigger group (6+ people) or coming on a weekday so they could give you extra time to complete the game. We’re planning to come back next time we visit DC. Asiya A. (Google)
  • A patron who left a five star rating and positive review. One of the BEST room! Can't wait for the second one! Highly recommend. This room is not typical escape room, the plot and details are well written. You can tell, the huge job was done with this project. Kat was very nice and helpful as a Host of the game. If you like Escape rooms then you'll enjoy this one - guaranteed. Maria C. (Google)
  • A novice player who left a five star rating and positive review. Went on a whim on a Sunday afternoon and really glad my group ended up here. The staff is super friendly and welcoming as soon as you walk in. This was my first escape room experience so I wasn't sure what to expect but my expectations were definitely exceeded. The puzzles were fun and engaging and the props/layout were very immersive. Our group enjoyed it so much that we were ready to play the next room immediately afterwards! We will be coming back for sure. Joseph L. Chantilly, VA (Yelp)
  • Experienced escape game player who left a five star rating and positive review. Go to Cyber Raccoon Escape Room! I've been to almost all the Georgetown and all of the Downtown Alexandria escape rooms and this is one of the best rooms I've played. The other reviewers know what they're talking about. Went to Cyber Raccoon on a whim with friends on a Sunday afternoon. The staff is very friendly, there are lockers to keep your things safe, chargers for your phone while you're in the room, and water/tea/coffee. The room itself is extremely well built, spacious, and with fun/challenging puzzles. It's has some cool tech and elaborate décor. They're working on building another room and we'll for sure be returning! Lauren D. Washington, DC (Yelp)
  • A customer who left a five star rating and positive review. Went with another couple for a night out without the kids. Each of us had only done an escape room or two prior, so we're no experts to judge, but this place exceeded all expectations! It's fairly new, so doesn't have as many reviews as others in the area (and I've been to a couple) and don't judge the book by it's cover. Inside this place is an amazingly well done and creative room. We look forward to their next one opening soon and will definitely be going back! Kellen W. Arlington VA (Yelp)
  • A visitor of escape room venue who left a five star rating and positive review after the game. Best escape room I’ve been to! It wasn’t just about solving random puzzles with only a surface level plot like other places. The story telling at this place has depth to it and is integrated with the puzzles in a way that makes sense. Super well done and my favorite experience so far! Kat was very kind and personable and we all enjoyed chatting with her! 422reedr (TripAdvisor)
  • Player who played one of the games and left a five star rating and positive feedback. Kat was phenomenal, so helpful!! The room was done extremely well, we had a wonderful experience!!! Wish I could give it 10 stars!!! maryellenm792 (TripAdvisor)
  • A local escape room enthusiast who gave a five star rating and positive review. Best one I've been to out of the many escape rooms in NoVA. Henry C. (Google)
  • A visitor who left a five star rating and positive review on a third party review platform. I would describe this escape room as immersive. There is only one room right now but another one opening in a month. As soon as you walk through the doors you are transported back in time. You won't find your normal combo locks here. Service is also great. Our start time was 7pm, but the hostess let us start later due to our schedule. She also let us keep playing after our hour ran out. We were able to get out in 1.16. Very fun!!!! Tiffany L. Falls Church, VA (Yelp)