Сelebrating Сhildren’s Birthday in Escape Room

As of 2022 we run games that are family friendly but not meant for groups of solely children younger 16 years old. Even with a guardian present!

Yet, the games are available for groups of teens 16 and older and guardian is not required. But ALL participants must be at least 16 years old! No exceptions.

Understanding the Minimum Age

Not all games are created equal. The minimum age at this particular location is set to 16 only because of the difficulty level of the games. There is nothing inappropriate in the rooms. The games are also Not scary.

If your group meets the minimum age requirement, please don’t hesitate to book!

Birthday Party for Younger Kids

If you are planning a birthday party for children younger than 16, please consider the following local escape rooms with a minimum age 10-12 years old:

  • Escape Room Herndon (406 Elden St. Herndon, VA)
  • Escape Room Arlington (2301 Columbia Pike Arlington, VA)

Please contact the facilities directly for a game recommendation.

Doing Escape Room with a Family

Children at ANY age are welcome for family bonding as long as HALF of the players are adults.

But parents can not just sit and watch! In fact, adults are the main players and must fully participate.

Please understand that youngsters don't yet have all the necessary skills developed for problem solving.

They are prone to literal thinking and are not able to detach themself from the immediate environment to process abstract thoughts. Nor do they have persistence for deep analysis. Then they get bored.

This is when adults need to step in and help. That’s why adults must be involved throughout the game.

Puzzles in our games vary in types, forms, and difficulty. Kids get involved in solving them encouraged and supported by adults who guide the team towards achieving success!

So, if you are looking for an escape room you can play as a family with adults and kids, go ahead and book a game!

Join Youth Escapers and Enthusiasts

Our party staff will help you with all the planning and organizational aspects of your event.

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