Company Events and Escape Room Games

Congrats on surviving another work event! We are glad you are looking for something completely different this time.

Our escape room games are not some childish activities. We do not host kids groups, out games are designed for adults difficulty level. Arrange a team building event which your colleagues will actually enjoy!

We host special events on Sunday - Friday.

Saturdays are for public bookings, we do not accept special event reservations on Saturdays.

Each room can accommodate up to 10 players.

Take into the consideration your players experience level.

For groups of more than 10 you would need to book multiple rooms.

Groups larger than 10 players would need to split into 2 teams.

All special events must be booked and fully paid in advance.

We do not hold reservations. Bookings can not be completely canceled but can be rescheduled. Please read the policy.

We offer Party Room with a separate entrance. Catering and Bar from a third party vendor.

Party Room on-site can be used for your after game gathering. Treat your team with great food provided by our vendors.

We have lots of free parking at the building. Consider car pool for larger events.

Front building parking fits 9 cars and one handicap parking on the side of the building. You can make a request to reserve additional parking with a permit on a back side of the building.

Teams Which Chosen Us for Their Corporate Events

How to Plan a Perfect Team Bonding Event


Make a head count

Players checking in for an activity participation.

Decide how many games you would need based on number of players.
Max Capacity 10 players per game.


Decide if you want Semi-private or Private event.

organizer is deciding which party package to choose

See if you need catering


If you would like a completely Private event
If you would like to reserve Private Room and arrange catering, whether you book Semi-private of Private event, please contact us to place your reservation and make the arrangements.

Escape Room support team


If you would like to book a semi-private event and do not need party Room or catering, you can book online for your group. Just pick one of our regular scheduled games and choose a Private gaming experience.

Highlights of Corporate Events

Events Can Be Semi-Private or Private

Here is the difference between them:
A group of coworkers are emotionally discussing the activity they have just finished.
Work colleagues are having snacks and chat in a party room. Semi-Private Event

Semi-private Escape Room Event Package

1. Nonprivate (shared) facility

While you will have your own escape rooms for your group (private booking), there may be other guests on site. For example, there could be another reservation after your game and new guests could be in our waiting area, using lockers, restrooms and playing in the gaming rooms.

2. Semi-Private events use our regular schedule:

Regular Schedule time slots:
"Train Robbery" game regular schedule:
10AM, 11:30AM, 1PM, 2:30PM, 4PM, 5:30PM, 7PM, 8:30PM, 10PM
"Space Glider" game regular schedule:
9:30AM, 11AM, 12:30PM, 2PM, 3:30PM, 5PM, 6:30PM, 8PM, 9:30PM

3. Price

Regular ticket rates apply.

4. Additional conditions

Bar option is no available for Semi-private event. Bar can be reserved from one of our vendors only when you book a Private event.
If there are other guests on-site, we would not turn loud music in the Party Room or waiting area.
If there are other guests on-site, Party Room doors must remain shut.

5. Party Room rates

If you would like to book a Semi-private event and interested in adding a Party Room option, there would be an additional charge of $100 for the Party Room rental. Here are the details of what is included in a Party Room rental. Choose one of our Catering vendors for food options.
If you are interested in booking one of our regularly-scheduled games as a Private Booking and not interested in adding a Party Room or Catering, just book a Private Game online (that has all 10 tickets per room available) or contact us for assistance.
Private Event

Private Escape Room Event Package

1. Private facility

We will reserve the whole venue for your group. No other guests will be allowed within your booking time.

2. Private events can choose time

We can host your event Off regular schedule hours (from 6AM till 1AM). If you are booking multiple rooms, we will start the games simultaneously.
Attention: We will provide special hours based on the availability. If we already have reservations for the same day/time you requested, these bookings will not be moved. Therefore, please plan your event in advance so we can offer you the best required time.

3. Price

Special rates of $32 per person will apply.
Early Birds rates from 6AM till 9AM $25

4. Additional conditions

Order Bar and Catering from one of our vendors. Request music, karaoke , use TV in a Party Room for special needs.

5. Party Room rates

If you would like to book a Private event and interested in adding a Party Room option, there would be an additional charge of $150 for the Party Room rental. You will not only have the Party Room but the entire facility would be available for your needs!
Here are the details of what is included in a Party Room rental. Choose one of our Catering vendors for food options.

Example of a Perfect Team Building Activity

This is an example of some of our morning and afternoon team building arrangements.
Evening events can include cocktail hour after the games and not before the adventures.

Party Room

Skirted tables, High top bar and booths

Stand-up, mix and mingle. Catering and Bar.

Coffee and beverage station.

Coat racks and lockers.

Party Room with private entrance and additional separate outdoor entrance.

TV with HDMI and chromecast equipment that can be used for guests needs.

When you reserve a Party Room and decide to arrange catering, please contact us to notify about your catering plans, so we can make all necessary preparations.

Bar arrangements must be made in advance with our bar vendor - Northside Social. Please notify us about your intention to order drinks.

Our pop up tables come with cloths and skirts. We provide napkins, plastic plates, silverware and cups.

Let us know if you need any dessert table with a cake or cupcake stand, so we can have those ready.

Tips How to Plan an Escape Room Corporate Event

a team of escape room players is brainstorming together to solve a puzzle.

1. Although escape games are fun activities, they do require deep thinking, problem solving skills, communication and collaboration. Therefore, we do not recommend planning it for an end of a busy work day. Tired with lack of energy players could have hard time concentrating and might not perform best. Plan it earlier in the afternoon or make it an easy pleasant day at work.

2. You're not yourself when you're hungry. Starving people are irritated easily. Even if you are planning a full course meal after the game in a local restaurant or planning to order catering after the game, make sure you provide some snacks before the activity. We have a coffee station with bottled water and guests can have a small break before the experience while they are gathering together and filling up waivers. It will create a positive easy going atmosphere and will put your guests in a good mood.

Catering arrangements for guests participating at an escape room activity.

Corporate Team Building Competition

Some friendly competition has a positive impact on organization productivity. It enhances collaborative skills and motivated work atmosphere. Team building games in an escape room are a great way to bond and bring your employees together.

Divide the associates into 2 teams of 8-10 players and challenge them to breakout from one of the adventures before the clock goes off. Watch your crewmates demonstrate problem solving abilities, brainstorming and practicing communication skills.

Challenge Your Workmates and Join the Leaderboard!

Local Washington DC metropolitan area corporate clients who challenged their coworkers and branches with our Escape the room gates. Compete, express your group skills and host the best team bonding event.

Make a Semi-Private or Private company event inquiry

Contact us via form below to receive a custom quote based on your needs. Our team will be happy to assist you with planning your company best escape room activity.

You can also contact us directly via live chat or call for an immediate assistance.

Special event coordinator



Escape Room Reviews

  • Great game! Just the right difficulty to be interesting but attainable. Rhys B.s (Google)
  • This was my 55th room and one of my favorites. We did the train robbery room and it was awesome. Extremely immersive, smart puzzles, awesome tech, and somewhat non-linear so there was enough for our group of eight to do with no one standing around. Great customer service. Ask for a clue even if your don't need it! It is worth it! In my opinion this room is a must do if you are in the DC area! JMD (Google)
  • I've done 40+ escape rooms and this was by far one of the best, definitely feels like a premium experience Ben K (Google)
  • This was my first escape room and the whole group loved it! It was an awesome adventure and the staff was fantastic. We will be back :) Scott D. (Google)
  • This was without a doubt the best Escape Room I’ve ever been to. I have been to about two-dozen escape rooms in the DMV area and others and the production value, quality of puzzles, atmosphere and story are second to none. This room is in a tier above all others. Even “mundane” tasks like asking for a clue are surprising and delightful. If you enjoy escape rooms at all and have the opportunity to visit do so. It’s incredible and may honestly ruin other rooms for me in that they will all pale in comparison. I know this review sounds hyperbolic and silly, but I assure you, it is genuine glee. We found this place from the glowing reviews convinced it would not live up to the hype, and we were exceeded it. Go. Go go go. Michael S. (Google)
  • Fantastic! One of my favorite escape room experiences. Cant wait for their new room so I can go back. Everything exceeded my expectations, and wowed our whole group. JediDan B. (Google)
  • Fun for the whole family! Parents and three teens had a great time puzzling through the Old West setup, solving it with 5 minutes to spare. Plenty of twists and turns throughout and more fun and unexpected features than your average "figure out the combo to unlock the handcuffs" room. Plenty of space to work, plenty to do, plenty to noodle through. Can't wait for the next room to open. Roger F. Washington, DC (Yelp)
  • Went with one friend, it was our first escape room experience, ever. What a blast! We had a fantastic time! Our GameMaster, Kat, was fantastic! She provided us hints when we were well and truly stuck, and this was an absolutely fantastic introduction to escape rooms. I will definitely be back when they make their next room. The western train robbery theme was outstanding, well crafted, and simply wonderful. Cyber Raccoon has definitely set a VERY high standard for my future escape room experiences - and that's a Good Thing! I can't wait 'til they complete more challenges so I can come back. We WILL be back! Jon M. (Yelp)
  • This was the most immersive and impressive escape room I have ever done. I just can't say enough good stuff enough about it. Really cool story, great props, and fantastic puzzles. This was a great family experience - we are already talking about going back when they get the next room ready. Just go - you won't regret it. R S. Falls Church, VA (Yelp)
  • One of the best themed escape rooms we've done (over 30 and counting)! Simply put: Amazing room. The waiting area is very well appointed and there's even complimentary coffee and treats! We'll definitely be returning once they open their next room. Greg M. Arlington, VA (Yelp)
  • This was on average the fourth escape room experience for our group. It was by far the best we have tried. We enjoyed the challenge of the puzzles. The room decor was just like walking back in time to the wild wild west. Good story line and above average hidden compartments. Good time had by all. Lisa S. Fairfax, VA (Yelp)
  • I love escape rooms, and personally have done dozens of them. I went with some good friends who often join me for escape room adventures, one of whom boasts about 50 rooms. So, our group has some experience and have seen a variety of room styles. Cyber Raccoon ranks as one of my favorites, and everyone in our group agrees. The waiting area is spacious and comfortable, the room itself has plenty of space for a group without feeling cramped. The puzzles are well thought out with great clue paths linking them. The decor and props are thematic and look amazing! We were also extremely impressed at the uniqueness of some of the puzzles. A+ experience and cant wait for the new room! Captain D (TripAdvisor)
  • I’ve been to a few escape rooms around the area and Cyber Raccoon is one of the best I’ve been to. Right now they only have one room theme but another one is coming soon. The room was completely immersive. My husband and I were immediately taken back in time. The clues and puzzles were unique. I liked that there were more then just a bunch of combination locks. Really cool and fun. The host was also flexible on when we started and let us finish the room even though the one hour time was up. Loved it! Niftytifny (TripAdvisor)