Cyber Raccoon Escape Room Annual Scholarship

Cyber Raccoon Escape Room center is offering a scholarship grant to current undergraduate or graduate degree student of college or university currently enrolled or accepted as of the start of the Fall 2020 semester in Psychology (Behavior, Cognition, Neuroscience, and related courses). One winner will be awarded $500.

The winner will receive a check that will be written to the recipients’ college. This grant shall exclusively cover the winner's expenses associated with a college education and current studies, such as tuition and books.

The winning submission will be an article that best covers the topic in the most informative, interesting and creative way. The piece will be published on an online Medium.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

In order to be considered for this application, the applicant must:

Application Requirements

All applicants must submit the following application materials. Applications missing any of these materials will NOT be considered.

  • Applicant must submit an article (min 1200 words maximum 3000 words) via email at the following topic: Problem-solving from psychology and Neuroscience perspective.

  • An original article must NOT be previously published.

  • The article should be in PDF or Word Document format and include the following applicant’s information:

    • First Name Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Name of the college/university
    • Topic: Problem-solving from psychology and Neuroscience perspective.
    • Subtopics to cover:
      • What difference problem solving make to your career?
      • Which process to use when approaching a problem?
      • Which key skills needed for effective problem solving?
      • What barriers one may need to overcome during problem solving process?
      • What happens in the brain during an "aha!" moment of problem solving? Include hormone and neurotransmitter reactions.
      • Describe the activities in brain’s thinking and problem-solving center during complex mental operations.
  • Article should have references to latest research and studies in psychology and neuroscience Additional comments/insight beyond the query but related to the topic (as well as humor) are welcome.

Apply: November 18th, 2020